Single-Use Medical Devices

We produce and support the manufacturing of single-use medical devices in all areas of Medicine. Our experience includes medical equipment, instruments, and medical apparatuses having the ability to only be used once in a hospital or clinic and then disposed. We pride ourselves on manufacturing reliability for every single use.

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How We Build Lasting Relationships

It all started with one clinical laboratory test device then evolved into production of millions of single-use devices each year.

Experience Manufacturing Single-Use Medical Devices

Since our beginnings in the Medical market in 1999, our capabilities have grown to support our customers from device to disposables. Our experience is rooted in understanding the clinical need of the patient and the complex manufacturing of medical devices. We have expanded our understanding of evolving patient needs and new technologies in applications for single-use disposables in the medical market. 

  • Sterilized Surgical Equipment
  • Diagnostic Test Strips
  • InVitro Diagnostic Devices
  • Disposable Surgical Devices
  • Clinical Diagnostic Items
  • Auto Injectors and Drug Delivery Devices
  • Assembly and Small Part Handling
  • Metrology and Quality Control
  • Functional Part Testing
  • Optical Engineering, Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Our global footprint, core competencies, Industry 4.0 experience, and core values ensure lasting relationships and global success in the medical market. We are focused, aligned, disciplined and committed to providing solutions for our Medical customers.

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