Medical Device and Product Assembly

Combination Products and Connected Medical Devices, are products and devices that can include pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, as well as the need for remote monitoring and connectivity. New trends in the medical market are spurring fusion between the pharmaceutical and the medical technologies industry. Kimball Medical Solutions has expanded our capabilities to support Full Medical Product Assembly for our customers. We have optimized and strengthened our core medical electronics manufacturing services and further enhanced our capabilities in scientific injection molding, clean room assembly, and automated assembly to support our customers' needs.

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How We Build Lasting Relationships

Whether it is a connected device, combination product, or full product assembly, we customize our solutions to fit your needs and accelerate speed to market.

Combining our solutions, ensuring quick time-to-market.

Kimball Medical Solutions focuses on providing end-to-end solutions for our medical customers. Our deep medical industry knowledge and expertise, combined with our capabilities and experience in design engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, automated assembly, packaging, and sterilization allows us to bring our customers' healthcare solutions to market.

  • Autoinjectors
  • Injection Pens
  • Medical Training Devices
  • Ventilators
  • Respiratory Care Devices
  • Drug Injection Devices
  • Clinical Instrumentation
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Patient Monitoring

Our global footprint, core competencies, Industry 4.0 experience, and core values ensure lasting relationships and global success in the medical market. We are focused, aligned, disciplined and committed to providing solutions for our Medical customers.

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