You will have the opportunity to make positive contributions in an environment that is passionate about continuous improvement.

You'll experience the benefits of working for a global company that provides services to some of the world's most prominent companies--- companies that produce products and devices that are making a real impact in the world today and that are developing products to impact tomorrow.

At Kimball Electronics (KE) locations, you have exposure to KE's Executive Leaders through their periodic business review visits and through other business or employee activity events at each of KE's locations.

You will find a culture that appreciates your current knowledge and facilitates future growth and development, with your personal interests in mind.

Our open, non-defensive culture encourages you to take risks and share ideas; to accept responsibilities and make decisions; to demonstrate your abilities, and grow, both personally and professionally!

Kimball Electronics
1205 Kimball Blvd.  Jasper, IN  47546