Whether you’re looking for end-to-end engineering, design & manufacturing solutions — or help at any lifecycle stage in your product development — Kimball Electronics is the single-source partner for manufacturing to the most exacting, stringent, mission-critical, high-reliability, high-quality, has-to-be-right product specifications.

End-to-End Partnership Solutions

ngineering, Design and Development Icon Engineering, Design & Development

Engaging with our integrated design and manufacturing services team increases speed to market.

Prototyping Icon Prototyping

We provide a dedicated team and equipment to expedite the process and bring products to market faster.

New Product Introduction or Transfer of Existing Product Icon New Product Introduction or Transfer of Existing Product

We have a robust New Product Introduction process, focused on manufacturability. Our Transfer of Existing Product process can be applied to move product from current supplier to a Kimball facility.

Manufacturing Icon Manufacturing

Choosing us to manufacture your product means you are getting a true partner. We work as an extension of your own team and we treat your product like it's our product.

Testing Icon Testing

We can focus on identified areas or testing criteria to validate customer concerns or to reaffirm the reliability of specific functionality. No matter what testing you need, we've got it covered.

Support and Aftermarket Support Services Icon Support and Aftermarket Support Services

We know the market can change. We create custom solutions to support our customers and their product lifecycle from start to finish.

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Customized Capabilities

We understand each customer has a different set of standards for their products, so our capabilities are uniquely tailored to meet each one. By leveraging our focused market core competencies, customer-aligned global footprint, disciplined culture, industry 4.0 experience, and commitment to lasting relationships, Kimball Electronics finds solutions where others can’t.

We are focused on helping our customers achieve critical goals, including:

Speed to Market

For over 60 years, across all markets, we pride ourselves on continuously delivering on time with the highest quality to our global customers. Our global footprint supports our customers' specialized manufacturing needs and speed to market. Whether the requirement is in-region support for an end market, access to a lower cost market, or proximity to a customer team, Kimball Electronics has a solution to bring your products to market faster. 


New Product Introduction

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) process and customer focused resources are dedicated to our customers. Our team is able to respond quickly when adjustments are necessary. We can help your idea move from concept to reality in record time for introduction.


In every project, our goal is to support our customers' needs with the right mix of services, facility build site options, and technical expertise. We support the product from design, to prototype, to New Product Introduction (NPI), to full scale manufacturing, and beyond. Our team understands the need to be flexible and responsive to our customers. We provide a Business Manager as a single point of contact for the customer, making communication easy.

Management of Product Regulatory and Quality Standards

Driven by our customer's needs and expectations, Kimball Electronics facilities and processes have met extensive industry certifications, regulatory registrations and compliancy levels. Kimball Quality Systems are in place to ensure total customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our vision toward quality and excellence is regularly rewarded with our customers' top honors.


Manufacturing and Operational Excellence

We are proven experts and leaders when it comes to the manufacturing and testing of products that require the highest level of quality and reliability. All our facilities demonstrate operational excellence in all they do. Each Kimball manufacturing facility is fully staffed with manufacturing, quality, and test engineers. We utilize a full complement of partners to assist us with custom automation, test development, and design services.


Our philosophy on operational excellence councils keeps our cost structure competitive while creating a powerful global network of technical resources in Engineering, Quality, Lean Six Sigma, Materials, Digital & Industry 4.0, Automation, and Safety, Environmental & Facilities. These councils share lessons, global practices, and facilitate global alignment.

Technological Advancements and Industry 4.0

In an everchanging world we have been able to not only keep up with the changes in technology, but to set the standard.


We're using data and industry 4.0 solutions to reach a new level of operational excellence, quality, reliability, and customer service to improve overall value for our customers. Industry 4.0 isn’t possible without critical human analysis and insights to better leverage data and technology. At Kimball Electronics our people drive industry 4.0 strategies to create better solutions through technologies for our company and for our customers. The advancements in automation, technology, and improvised solutions are not happening to our people, they are happening because of our people.

Long-Term Supply Partnership

Many factors go into building successful partnerships with our suppliers: integrity, open communications, and honesty, are a few that stand out. These characteristics are a significant part of our vision and guiding principles and they help guide those relationships with our suppliers. We value the partnerships we’ve built with our strategic suppliers as a critical component of our total supply chain. As an organization, we benefit from relationships with successful supply partners, and their sustainability helps us continue to grow our business with each of our customers and in each of the markets we serve. 

Management of Product Lifecycle

The continued success of our business is dependent upon our ability to service our customers and their current and next generation products. We know that their continued success is our continued success as they replace expiring programs and products with new programs and products as they retire products and manage end-of-life, service, and support. 


Our focus is on long-term customer relationships. We help our customers to create a plan for the management of the full product lifecycle of their products. Our customer focused teams help our customer teams to manage products from design and development through the entire longevity of the product and everything in between. 

What Differentiates Kimball Electronics

Quality IconQuality

Kimball Quality Systems are in place to ensure total customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our vision toward quality and excellence is regularly rewarded with our customers’ top honors.

All our employees are charged with building quality in, rather than inspecting defects out.

Relationship Management IconRelationship Management

Our customer is our business, we state it in our Guiding Principles and you can see it exhibited by each of our employees.

At Kimball Electronics we have an established business model that works with the customer and their team. Our Business Development team assigns a Business Manager to serve as a single point of contact for the key decision makers in the customer’s company. We want to build partnerships and focus on the long-term outlook of the strategic relationship.

Supply Chain IconSupply Chain

As technologies and economies move faster, supply chains are adapting to stay ahead. The Kimball Electronics supply chain management team keeps pace with our customers’ needs. For many of our customers, we manufacture the same products in multiple manufacturing locations to make it easier for them to distribute to their markets across the world. Offering global procurement, negotiation, and pricing of components is second nature to us. We take pride in our ability to provide flexibility, planning, risk mitigation, and end-to-end supply chain visibility for our customers.

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