At Kimball Electronics, our commitment to Sustainability has been a part of who we are since our founding in 1961.  We are proud to be responsible guardians of our economic, environmental, and social resources so our Employees, Customers, Share Owners, Communities, and other value chain stakeholders truly benefit from the Company's presence, contributions, and actions.


Kimball Electronics champions transparency and accountability for itself. We know that through our activities and business relationships, we impact the economy, environment, and people and in turn make negative or positive contributions to sustainable development. We are committed to reporting on our significant sustainability impacts and how we are meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Key Sustainability Issues Aligned to our Guiding Principles


  • - Responsible Sourcing

  • - GHG Emissions Management

  • - Customer Privacy


  • - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • - Occupational Health and Safety

  • - Employee Benefits, Development, and Retention


  • - Waste Management

  • - Water Stewardship

  • - Chemical Safety Management


  • - Energy Efficiency

  • - Giving

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Our customer is our business. They depend on us for lasting relationships. How we champion human rights, support the environment, and demonstrate our corporate citizenship is critical to sustaining these relationships.

Responsible Sourcing

We work collaboratively with our supply chain partners to source materials responsibly and consistently with our human rights values; business ethics; labor, health, and safety practices; and environmental stewardship.

GHG Emissions Management

Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and develop low-carbon products and services position us to minimize risks and maximize opportunities for the ongoing low-carbon transition.

Customer Privacy

Management of risks around cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection are key responsibilities throughout our company.

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Our people are the company. Our company culture is a differentiator in the marketplace and a competitive strength. We believe you win with people, and we have worked very hard to develop a corporate culture that attracts, develops, and retains the best and brightest talent available. "The Kimball Way" manifests through our team members and throughout a company culture centered on respect, appreciation, and enriching the lives of our employees with meaningful work.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We seek to respect the dignity of the individual, increase well-being, create trust, sustain a global sense of family, and promote meaningful work for our employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

We strive to provide all workers and guests a safe environment, and we promote an injury-free culture.

Employee Benefits, Development, and Retention

We provide a portfolio of benefits that addresses the different physical, mental, emotional, and financial health needs of our diverse global workforce and their families.

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We are committed to making our communities better through a people-centered culture and a commitment to responsible operations.

Waste Management

We endeavor to minimize our generation of waste and to maximize its beneficial use.

Water Stewardship

The right to water is a fundamental human right that we strive to respect in support of our environmental management policies and goals.

Chemical Safety Management

We will ensure the safe handling, storage, use, and disposal of all substances, processes, and materials, especially those considered hazardous to health and safety.

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Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently and effectively we serve our customers and are the only true source of long-term job security. Profitability and financial resources give us the freedom to shape our future and achieve our vision.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of our energy consumption is a top priority for our global operations.

Our contributions are intended to support the communities in which we operate, those who may not be in a position to directly benefit from employment with us or from our primary business activities, or those who can benefit from the value derived from our support or collaboration.

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Creating Quality for Life

Creating Quality for Life is our purpose statement, and it sums up why we exist as a company beyond earning profit. It articulates the enduring value we deliver to our broad base of stakeholders, including our customers and end users; our people and their families; our communities; and our Share Owners.