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Kimball Electronics Group is a leading manufacturer of industrial electronic assemblies. For over 50 years, we have worked with a variety of customers in the industrial electronics manufacturing market to meet their individual needs. We strive to support our industrial electronics customers' needs with the right mix of industrial instruments and controls, services, facility build site options, and technical expertise.

We recognize that the electronics contract manufacturing industry is very challenging. Our industrial instruments and controls are second to none, making our manufactured industrial assemblies the highest quality. With continual low PPM results and the ability to test any product in our reliability test lab, you can be assured that each industrial product we manufacture will perform to the highest standards. We also manage the supply chain process to ensure only the most reliable components are included in our customer's industrial electronic assemblies.

Our focus is on long-term customer relationships. At Kimball Electronics Group, we support the industrial electronics product from design, to prototype, New Product Introduction (NPI), repair, and reverse logistics. As a manufacturer of electronic assemblies for industrial products, Kimball Electronics Groups' industrial electronics team understands the need to be flexible and responsive to our customers. Our Business Managers provide a single point of contact for the customer, making communication easy. By having focused resources dedicated to our industrial electronics customers, our team is able to quickly respond when manufacturing adjustments are necessary due to business changes in your company or from the electronics contract manufacturing industry.