Sustainability (2)

Kimball Electronics is dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees and the members of the communities in which we work and live.

Our sustainability strategy is an integral segment of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

In order to support our reduction goals, we research and adopt new technologies such as energy management systems, energy efficient air compressors, ovens, lighting, occupant sensors, increase recycling efforts, efficiency gains, packaging reduction projects, etc.

We have developed metrics within our sustainability strategy that involve each of our plant locations to measure and track the following environmental areas: Green House Gases (GHG), Hazardous Waste Generation, Landfill Waste, Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions, and Water Usage.

Significant Environmental Aspect programs are created within our ISO14001 Management System to address and reduce the environmental impacts at all of our locations. It should be noted that all of our electronic manufacturing facilities are registered in ISO 14001-2015.

Kimball Electronics operations are dedicated to eliminating pollution generated at the source, using renewable materials, and reclaiming and recycling of materials.

From 2008 to 2017 our normalized values show that we:

  • Reduced waste generation (pounds per unit produced) by 88%
  • Reduced air emissions (VOC's tons per unit produced) by 64% 
  • Reduced water usage (gallons per unit produced) by 41%
  • Reduced Green House Gas (pounds per unit produced) by 71%

From 2008 to 2017 our absolute values show that we:

  • Reduced hazardous wastes (pounds of hazardous waste)  by 21%

The above reductions are even more amazing when we note that we added 3 new facilities to our company during the past 2 years.

For 2017, the Kimball Electronics Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score was a C. D was the average score of companies in the CDP supply chain to which we are compared.

Kimball is committed to meeting the requirements of: RoHS, WEEE, ELV, Conflict Minerals & REACH.