Kimball Electronics Romania Ignites Spark for Technology in Local Students

May 24, 2024, 10:00 by Madison Sternberg
Kimball Electronics Romania recently played a role in sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for technology during "Diversified Week," an initiative focused on enriching student experiences.



Fifty-four students from the 22nd General School in Arad embarked on a journey into the world of electronics production with a tour of the Kimball Electronics Romania factory.


The children were welcomed by Claudiu Milos, Program Management Manager, who introduced them to the factory's story.  The tour then led them through the heart of the operation, where they witnessed sophisticated machinery and complex assembly lines in action.


Next, the visit led the children into the laboratory area, where they gained insights into testing procedures that ensure the quality of finished products.  From precise measurements to meticulous circuit analysis, the students grasped the importance of these quality control steps. Throughout the tour, staff fielded questions with patience and enthusiasm, eager to share their knowledge and experiences.


The visit concluded with Kimball-branded gifts, including squishy light bulbs with an inspiring message: "Light up your good ideas!".  For many of the students, this trip to Kimball Electronics Romania served as an unforgettable encounter, opening their eyes to the captivating world of technology and engineering.  More than just a glimpse into manufacturing, the tour ignited a spark, fostering a potential interest in a field that fuels innovation and progress on a global scale.





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