Kimball Electronics Mexico Volunteers Deliver Hope and Essential Supplies at Banco de Alimentos Food Bank

May 16, 2024, 08:00 by Madison Sternberg
Over a two-day period, a group of 25 Kimball Electronics Mexico employees dedicated over 105 hours of volunteer service to the Banco de Alimentos de México S.A de C.V. (Food Bank of Mexico).



The Banco de Alimentos is a non-governmental organization dedicated to alleviating food insecurity.  They play a vital role in providing much-needed food assistance to vulnerable families, communities, and other nonprofit organizations. 


The organization accomplishes this mission by collecting surplus food from supermarkets and securing voluntary donations.  These contributions are then organized into food pantries, distributed with the support of local volunteers like the Kimball Electronics Mexico team.


The Kimball Electronics Mexico volunteers actively participated in various tasks throughout their service period.  Their contributions included assembling 100 food pantries, sorting and selecting fresh produce, and participating in the "Growing Up Strong" program.  This program specifically targets mothers of children aged 0-2 years by providing them with essential food pantries, infant formula, and baby food jars.


Beyond their valuable service, the Kimball Electronics Mexico volunteers gained valuable insights into the critical work of the Banco de Alimentos.  Cristina Lopez, a social worker at the food bank, provided a comprehensive tour of the facility.  This educational experience allowed the volunteers to witness firsthand the food handling process, logistics, and regional scope of the organization's operations.  Lopez also highlighted the Banco de Alimentos' various programs and their tangible impact across the country.




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