Kimball Electronics China Deepens Environmental Knowledge Through Engaging Earth Day Activities

Apr 29, 2024, 00:00 by Madison Sternberg
Kimball Electronics China took a proactive approach to celebrating Earth Day 2024, organizing a series of engaging activities designed to raise environmental awareness among employees.




The Kimball Electronics China Environmental Health and Safety Team spearheaded the initiative with a visit to the geological museum.  This educational trip provided employees with a deeper understanding of the Earth's formation, the evolution of life, and the importance of our planet's resources. The museum visit focused on both renewable and non-renewable resources, emphasizing the need for responsible management.  Additionally, it highlighted the interconnectedness of Earth's spheres and their vital role in shaping the environment we depend on.


Kimball Electronics China further extended their Earth Day campaign throughout the week by playing environmental protection videos in the company canteen. These visual presentations served as a reminder of the importance of environmental responsibility.


On Earth Day, Kimball Electronics China hosted a unique "garbage classification" activity.  This event drew the participation of 28 volunteers from various departments.  The activity combined a knowledge competition with a physical challenge – sandbag throwing.  This approach gamified the learning process, fostering a fun and engaging environment where employees could improve their understanding of proper waste classification.


Daniel Gu, General Manager of the location, expressed his enthusiasm for the Earth Day initiatives.  He stated, "It is a great activity which embraces Kimball culture; the environment is our home."  This sentiment underscores Kimball Electronics' commitment to environmental responsibility, recognizing that a healthy planet is essential for a sustainable future.



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