Kimball Electronics Mexico Volunteers Partner with Local High School for Improved Learning Environment

Apr 12, 2024, 00:00 by Nicole Krempp
Kimball Electronics Mexico (KEMX) is committed to fostering a positive impact on the communities where its employees live and work. Recently, KEMX partnered with a local high school, Secundaria 036, to address a critical infrastructure need.



The high school previously relied on wooden classrooms that were in a deteriorated state, posing a safety hazard and hindering the learning environment during inclement weather.  Recognizing this challenge, KEMX stepped in to provide support.


KEMX's contribution included the donation of wooden bars, essential for constructing a new roof for the three classrooms at Secundaria 036.  This initiative was met with enthusiasm from the school community, with teachers, students, and their families actively participating in the construction process.  KEMX had previously provided additional materials to support the construction of these classrooms.


KEMX expresses their gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause.  The new classrooms will provide students with a safe and comfortable space to pursue their education.


The partnership doesn't end here!  KEMX is currently building a volunteer team to assist with the final touches once construction is complete.  These volunteers will help with painting, cleaning, and even planting trees to further enhance the school environment.


KEMX's commitment to Secundaria 036 exemplifies the company's dedication to social responsibility and its focus on creating a positive and lasting impact within its communities.



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