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Hussmann Recognizes Kimball Electronics with 2016 Outstanding Quality Performance
Jun 14, 2017

Recently, in recognition for outstanding supplier quality performance, Kimball Electronics participated in the Hussmann Annual Supplier Quality Recognition Ceremony held at Hussmann World Headquarters in Bridgeton, MO.
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The Hussmann Supplier Quality Award is earned by top-performing suppliers who achieve an outstanding Defective Part per Million (DPPM) score. Suppliers receiving this award have met, exceeded, or sustained quality performance criteria, and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire Hussmann organization. For the Hussmann fiscal year 2016, Kimball Electronics achieved a quality score of 0 (zero) Defective Parts per Million (DPPM).

 “With your commitment to quality, together we have made a lot of progress improving product quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Congratulations on an exceptional team effort that helped Kimball Electronics to achieve the high Hussmann Quality Standards,” stated Girime Blankenship, Manager Supplier Quality Engineering, Hussmann Corporation

For several years, Kimball Electronics – Jasper has been producing multiple LED lighting assemblies for Hussmann refrigeration displays. This is the second award Kimball Electronics has received from Hussmann.

During the recognition ceremony, Girime Blankenship offered further congratulations, “Thank you for your effort, contributions, and commitment to quality in helping to create value for our customers in the areas of merchandising, food safety, shelf life extension, sustainability, and the life cycle performance.”

Bill Stubbs, Kimball Electronics Business Manager for Hussmann, added “Great job to the entire Kimball - Hussmann customer focus team!”
Hussmann Award 2017

Receiving the Award and Pictured Left to Right:
Dennis Gradler, Director, Industrial Solutions, Kimball Electronics

Bill Stubbs, Business Manager, Kimball Electronics

John Harlin, Program Manager, Kimball Electronics

Marla Wineinger, Manufacturing Engineer, Kimball Electronics

Carrie Tooley, Quality Engineer, Kimball Electronics

Jessica Johnson, Production Planner, Kimball Electronics

Girime Blankenship, Manager Supplier Quality Engineering, Hussmann Corporation