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Kimball Electronics Customer, Ingersoll Rand Security, Securing Military Barracks
Aug 07, 2013

Kimball Electronics customer, Ingersoll Rand Security, is providing the military with a "Try Me" program to learn how to better secure military bases. Military barracks maintenance managers are finding that Schlage commercial lock solutions, the CO-Series locks and AD-Series combination locks and readers, are a perfect replacement for hotel-style locks. They are more secure and durable and are especially easy to program and install on retrofit programs.


Kimball Electronics is the manufacturer of the printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA's) for the CO-Series and AD-Series Schlage brand commercial locks. Since 2010, Kimball Electronics has produced assemblies for Ingersoll Rand Security in several of our facilities. As the partnership continues to grow, Kimball Electronics is proud to provide contract electronics manufacturing and support and looks forward to being the source for more great Ingersoll Rand Security products.

Ingersoll Rand Security cites how a navy base had predominantly hotel-style locks throughout their many barracks. The facility maintenance manager (FMM) responsible for base maintenance and lock programming was frustrated that their six-year-old hotel locks at the training barracks were already in need of repair and replacement. They also wanted to upgrade from magnetic stripe cards to proximity locks. They found Schlage CO-Series locks as a better alternative to address the durability and credential concerns and the replacement was made. At Kimball Electronics we are proud to help Ingersoll Rand Security to secure the U.S. Military.

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