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When It's Critical Your Radio is Charged...Kimball Electronics
Apr 16, 2012

army_man_radioKimball Electronics has recently been awarded a contract with Motorola Solutions Inc., headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, for the manufacturing of low-cost multi-unit chargers for ELP (Entry Level Professional) radios, which will compliment the full line of chargers produced by Kimball Electronics.  The handheld radios utilizing the charger are professional/commercial grade communication devices used by enterprise, public safety, and government workers.

The full case-up work provided by Kimball Electronics includes seven (7) printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), full unit assembly and test.  With this multi-unit charger (MUC), up to six radios and/or battery packs can be charged at one time.

motorola_elp_muc_1Kimball Electronics was awarded the contract based on their long standing relationship with Motorola, a proven history of high quality and exceptional customer service, as well as strategically advantageous manufacturing locations. Kimball Electronics will be shipping the product to various worldwide Motorola locations for distribution into North America, Europe, and Asia.

This multi-year program will include approximately 10,000 units annually and will be manufactured at the Kimball Electronics – Mexico facility, located in Reynosa, Mexico.  The project is currently in the new product introduction phase, with full production expected to begin by summer 2012.