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How's My Driving
Jun 01, 2012

Kimball Electronics has been awarded a contract with Cosworth, a global technology company that delivers high performance solutions for customers in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and various sporting industries. The contract award includes the manufacturing and assembly of automotive performance data recorder (PDR) devices. Cosworth is based in Northampton, England, with facilities in three U.S. locations: Torrance, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Mooresville, North Carolina.

In the multi-year, multi-million dollar contract, Kimball Electronics will produce two separate electronic modules. These electronic modules will be included in distinctive performance sports cars produced by a large U.S. Automotive manufacturer. Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), full-functional testing, and complete box-build assembly is included in the project.

Sports car enthusiasts will be excited to find acceleration, deceleration, cornering statistics, and driver interaction information stored by the performance data recording devices. The information can be downloaded and analyzed by the driver/owner of the vehicle, for a review and evaluation of the car's performance and driver's capability. Both the serious driver and the casual commuter will be able to enjoy the monitoring, recording, and performance analysis features with the vehicle performance data recorder.

Kimball Electronics – Jasper, located in Jasper, Indiana, is the manufacturing location for the electronic units, which will begin full production of the units in mid-2013.

Sustainability is important to Kimball Electronics, to Cosworth, and to the automotive OEM. The electronic units will ship directly from the Jasper facility to the automotive manufacturing facility in returnable totes, to minimize transportation costs and effects, as well as the packaging impact.