Kimball Electronics is a leading global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company. We provide design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of electronic assemblies and circuit boards on a contract basis to a variety of industries. We have a known strength in electronics supply chain management. Our products meet the highest industry quality and are provided to our electronics outsourcing customers in the time frame they require.

Kimball Electronics strives to keep our customers competitive in the electronics OEM market. By implementing continuous improvement processes in global supply chain management, supplier development, supply chain solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and lean supply chain quality management, we are able to address our customers' electronics assembly supply chain concerns of on-time product delivery, high quality electronics components, and competitive product cost.

To ensure our suppliers continually perform as needed, we measure their performance in the three key areas of quality, delivery, and service, and review these scorecard measures on a routine basis. When corrective action or supplier adjustments are necessary, we work quickly to resolve issues focusing on uninterrupted on-time production and continued high product quality of the electronics assemblies we produce.