Don Charron - President Kimball Electronics, Inc.

By Don Charron - CEO and Chairman of the Board - Kimball Electronics

It's simple: we do the right thing.

After all, isn't that what Social Responsibility is all about? Respecting our people, customers, communities and our planet has long been part of the fabric that is our company culture.

The safety of our people has always come first. We strive for an INJURY FREE culture.

We listen to our employees and want to be their employer of choice. Their feedback helps shape us so we can be an even better place to work. Our employees worldwide support 'living' our guiding principles.

Our employees know that their work positively affects the end users of our products —their touch is felt throughout daily life. We are proud to be partners with valued customers whose products positively impact daily lives around the globe. Products like, automotive occupant safety systems, steering and braking, mining safety equipment, medical patient care monitoring devices and medical diagnostic devices, to name a few.

Our manufacturing locations throughout the world are encouraged to help make their communities better places to be. Our employees freely give donations and their time to support local, regional and global community support initiatives. Our people are diverse, and yet all embrace our universal values.

But we think broader than just our city or town or province. We know that what's good for our plant can also be good for our planet. Kimball Electronics is proud of our compliance to country-specific, national, federal, state and local regulations related to Environmental, Safety, and Human Resources. Each of our plant locations have been recognized for their leadership in these areas. From reducing water and energy usage, to increasing recycling efforts, we are proud of our record of action. Click here to see a comprehensive report about our decrease in Greenhouse Gas emissions globally.

Manufacturing products for customers that positively impact the Earth is rewarding; some examples are: products for environmentally efficient electronic pump controls, climate controls, and energy efficient refrigeration lighting.

We make a difference for Earth. We are proud to say Kimball Electronics is a responsible guardian of both economic and environmental resources, and because of that, our employees, customers and communities truly benefit from the Company's presence, contributions and actions.

This report is a moment along our journey. As we continue our company's pursuit of continuous improvement, we are committed to support and encourage our employees to be involved, to make a difference in the world, and continue to live our vision.

It's simple: we do the right thing.