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Managing an Accelerated Journey: Kimball Electronics Featured in HRTech Magazine
Oct 17, 2017

Excerpts from the article by Denise Truelove, Director of Human Resources and Employee Services, Kimball Electronics

Denise Truelove“We can finally see all of our global workforce data in one centralized system”

What do you do when you have just been spun-off as a stand-alone company and are growing at a rate faster than your competitors?  You figure out what it’s going to take to continue growing at this pace and what is needed in order to meet your strategic objectives. Once that analysis is complete – you embark on a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) implementation.


Flashback to 2014 when the organization first learned of the upcoming spin-off. One of the first things that would be needed was a way to pay our U.S. workforce, as well as a U.S.-based HRIS system to replace the one that would be staying with the parent organization. We analyzed several solutions at that time and determined it was best (safest out of the gate) to go with a similar system as our former parent company’s legacy system. During the search process, we were very impressed with the Workday product–but needed a “fast” solution for our US payroll needs. We kept Workday in our thoughts as a solution for future potential. Fast forward to the fall of 2015, at our annual fall strategy meeting, when our Vice President of Global Human Resources presented to our global leaders “our future HRIS Solution.” The following April, our Workday journey began.

The Implementation - Accelerated

The project was to implement Workday in all of our global locations, thereby having a single source of data for all of our Human Resources information globally. This was something that our company had longed for over the years and it seemed that the vision would become reality...

Over the course of just 8 months, we had our partner consultants from Mercer and our Human Resources global team members (one or two from each location plus our core team of four and our HR executive sponsors) meet together face-to-face at two different times. We met once for the “blue printing” of the processes and the system, and once for Testing – which is where the bulk of the knowledge transfer occurred. We had our “big bang GO LIVE” on December 19, 2016. 

Sounds simple right? Well, here we are now in the fall of 2017, nine months into our Workday journey and still learning something new about this very complex and dynamic system every day.

The biggest improvement and benefit from this project: DATA, DATA, DATA. We can finally see all of our global workforce data in one centralized system. The system supports metrics by providing data that is consistent so that we measure the same thing in the same way now. 

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