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Inspiring Words at the Chief Human Resource Officers Leadership Summit
Jun 12, 2017

Don Charron, Kimball Electronics CEO and Chairman of the Board, inspired regional Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) with his words about our unique culture and how Kimball Electronics has scaled our Guiding Principles around the globe.
Don Charron CHRO Summit
Last week, Don closed the 2017 CHRO Leadership Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio with his keynote address titled “Core Work – Small Town Values on a Global Scale.”  He talked about how our Guiding Principles enable our leaders to focus on our values, strategy and culture while globalizing and growing our company.  He highlighted some examples of aligning our people by staying firm in our philosophies but flexible to meet local needs. He continued to emphasize the importance of commitment to central beliefs especially in times of conflict, turmoil, and disruption. 

Don concluded his address with a call to action to the audience to strengthen the partnership between the CHRO and CEO at their organizations.  He reminded the audience that this partnership must be based on trust, connection and consistency of belief, thought, and action. 

For further information, check out Kimball Electronics Vision & Guiding Principles.