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Kimball Electronics' Dan Copocean, Keynote Speaker at InnovationsForum Budapest
May 03, 2016

Dan Copocean, General Manager of Kimball Electronics - Romania as Keynote at InnovationsForum Budapest

May 03, 2016

InnovationsForum, Budapest 2016 Keynote Speaker - The Academy of Sciences, 16 June 2016 - From EMS Now Release

Few people are better qualified to talk about factory automation than Dan Copocean, General Manager of Kimball Electronics - Romania. With responsibility of a production facility producing a wide range of hi-reliability, durable electronics for the public safety, industrial, and automotive markets, Dan understands automation for competitiveness.

The Kimball Electronics - Romania officially opened in November 2015, to complement their already established service offering in Poland and to provide European customers with additional manufacturing options in Europe.  The new Romania site includes a 6,150 square meter facility that contains state-of-the art production lines, an engineering and quality laboratory, and warehouse space.  Construction of the facility began in February 2015, production began in December 2015, and product shipment commenced during the first quarter of calendar year 2016. The Kimball Electronics – Romania facility leadership team has been in place since January of 2015 and worked closely with customers throughout the design and construction of the facility.

“To manage this significant investment, we have built a very strong and experienced leadership team who were involved in all aspects of the design and construction of the facility. We are very excited to have you meet our team, tour the facility, and understand our growth plans,” stated Dan Copocean, General Manager for Kimball Electronics – Romania.

Dan is actively involved in the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) industry. Prior to joining Kimball Electronics, during his 20+ years in the industry, he has held senior management positions within market leading companies such as; Celestica, Elcoteq and Solectron.

During InnovationsForum Budapest, Dan will expand on the Kimball Electronics approach to Automation for Competitiveness and their strategies for implementing it across his production facility.

Dan Copocean 2016Dan Copocean Biography:

Dan Copocean joined Kimball Electronic- Romania in January 2015 as General Manager of the new manufacturing operation in Romania. He responsible for managing the company resources (property resources, human resources, financial resources, legal resources) and achieving strategic goals of Kimball Electronics and operational objectives for Kimball Electronics - Romania. Prior to his employment with Kimball Electronics, during his 20+ years in the EMS industry, Dan held various operations management and engineering leadership roles within Celestica, Elcoteq, Flextronics, and Solectron. Dan is a graduate of Resita University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

About InnovationsForum Budapest

InnovationsForum Budapest, is set to be the must-attend-event that enables manufacturers, suppliers and supply chain executives to gather, explore and examine how automation in the industry is set to drive competitiveness in the region.  The forum will focus on the strengths of the region, with the events main aim to transfer knowledge and improve competitiveness. The event will bring together key industry professionals who will give a concise technology focused talks, interspersed with breaks throughout the day to create networking opportunities.

The Forum will provide attendees with content on many topics, including:

Low cost manufacturing – is it sustainable?
What role does Industry 4.0 play?
Mass-customization – challenges for the future.
Supply-Chain Transparency – tools & trends
Manufacturing trend: Wearables
Miniaturization & complexity – requirements for manufacturing equipment