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Kimball Electronics in the Top 20 of the MMI Top 50™ 2015
Apr 06, 2016

Each year Manufacturing Market Insider (MMI), a leading contract electronics industry publication, publishes the list of the top 50 manufacturers in the global Contract Electronics Manufacturing industry. 

This year MMI’s annual list of the 50 largest EMS providers worldwide reached another milestone. In 2015, combined sales of the MMI Top 50™ EMS providers broke through the $270 billion barrier with a revenue total of $272.5 billion. While not all of this revenue is pure EMS – there is some ODM and other non-EMS business mixed in among the largest companies – the lion’s share of it is EMS, offering a clear indication of how much OEMs now depend on the EMS industry.North America MMI Rankings

Kimball Electronics is situated amongst the top 20 again this year, coming in at the number 20 spot on the MMI Top 50™ EMS list and the number 6 spot amongst North American based EMS providers.

Congratulations to all our team members world-wide for helping us continue to grow and to be situated near the top!
MMI Top 20 2015