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Kimball Electronics Heats Up with Volcano Corporation
Jan 25, 2013

Kimball Electronics has been selected as manufacturing partner for an additional program volume for Volcano Corporation. Volcano Corporation develops, manufactures and commercializes a broad suite of devices designed to facilitate endovascular procedures, enhance the diagnosis of vascular and structural heart disease and guide optimal therapies. The Kimball Electronics manufactured assembly will be a 19" medical grade display monitor which Volcano will provide to hospitals around the world to monitor patient vital signs.

Kimball Electronics won the business based on the past performance and previous relationship with Volcano Corporation.

Kimball Electronics – Tampa, located in Tampa, FL, will begin the manufacturing build in early 2013 with the full order to be delivered by the end of June, 2013.

Volcano is a well-established, fast growing, medical device company with headquarters in San Diego, California. Founded in cardiovascular care and expanding into other specialties, Volcano is changing the assumption about what is possible in improving patient outcomes by combining imaging and therapy together.

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