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Kimball Electronics – Thailand Welcomes Thermo King and Emerson!
Nov 06, 2013

The annual meeting of the Thermo King's Marine Dealers took place in Pattaya, Thailand last week. Kimball Electronics-Thailand, which is the manufacturer of the container controllers for Emerson and Thermo King, supported that meeting. The Thermo King Dealers, Thermo King Team, and Emerson Sales Team toured Kimball Electronics - Thailand last Wednesday.

The purpose of the tour was to introduce to the visitors to Kimball Electronics and to explain the manufacturing process of the Thermo King and Emerson products. Over 100 visitors were hosted for the tour! The visit went very well and all the visitors were interested to see how the products they use every day are manufactured. Additionally, visitors were impressed by outstanding quality of the Kimball Electronics products.

A special 'thank you' goes to Kimball Electronics customers, Thermo King and Emerson, for excellent organization of the visit and support. This was the biggest tour group to visit Kimball Electronics – Thailand to date!