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Kimball Electronics Featured by Global Supply Partner, Future Electronics
Mar 15, 2013

imagine_magazine_articleKimball Electronics is featured in the current edition of the Future Electronics employee magazine, Imagine. Future Electronics, headquartered in Pointe Claire, Quebec Canada is a supply partner to Kimball Electronics as a distributor of semiconductors and passive, interconnect and electro-mechanical components. Future Electronics operates in 169 locations in 42 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The two page Kimball Electronics feature is part of the "EMS Corner" in the Imagine magazine. The quarterly publication is aimed at keeping the worldwide network of thousands of Future Electronics' employees informed. Kimball Electronics was the first Future Electronics EMS partner to be highlighted. The article includes key information about Kimball Electronics for the Future employees. Additionally, the article includes an overview of the relationship between Kimball Electronics and Future Electronics, an excerpt is below:

The relationship between Kimball Electronics and Future Electronics has developed over 20 years. Today, Future supplies parts to all six of the Kimball Electronics manufacturing locations worldwide. Kimball Electronics has over 1200 parts on Bonded Inventory Management (BIM) with Future, with the North American Kimball Electronics locations having the most. Kimball Electronics receives approximately 1500 shipments a month in total at all of our worldwide locations. Future's on-time delivery to Kimball Electronics consistently averages over 95% with a goal of 99.5%.

The Kimball Electronics-Future Electronics relationship has grown deeper over the past two years. Future's global team has proven to be a very valuable supply chain partner. We continue to leverage Future's abilities to effectively manage their Bonded Inventory Management (BIM) program in support of Kimball Electronics's global operations. The ability to deliver inventory when it is needed, backed by the assurance of 13 additional weeks of demand in the Bond, allow our factories to develop confidence in the support plans and the ability to meet our production schedules.

Partnerships with suppliers like Future Electronics and strategic centralized procurement functions improve our material quote process and maximize leverage in KEG's material spending globally.

A link to the full article in Future Electronics Quarterly Imagine magazine can be found here.