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Kimball Electronics Awarded Excellent Supplier by BWI Shanghai Group
Mar 18, 2013

On March 12, 2013, Kimball Electronics - China was awarded the Excellent Supplier Award by BWI Shanghai Group at their Third Annual Supplier Meeting.

Over the past three years, Kimball Electronics – China (KECN) has been honored as a recipient of the BWI Shanghai Group Supplier Awards. Kimball Electronics earned the Outstanding Contribution Award in 2010 and the Excellent Supplier Award in 2011. This 2012 Excellent Supplier Award is the third time Kimball Electronics has been honored in three years and represents the commitment to a long term partnership between BWI Group and Kimball Electronics. The pride and excitement at winning the 2012 award echoes from all levels of the Kimball Electronics organization:

"Congratulations to you all! This is outstanding! Thank you for your hard work and dedication," commented Don Charron, President, Kimball Electronics.

"Great Job, Kimball Electronics - China team! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to make BWI a great success of Kimball Electronics - China. Keep up the good work," stated Roger Chang, Vice President of Asian Operations, Kimball Electronics.

"We are proud and delighted at the second, consecutive, Excellent Supplier Award that we have recently received from BWI. It is through Kimball Electronics' operational excellence that we build success for our customers and through that success we enjoy strengthened relationships and growth. We are grateful to BWI for the trust that they have placed in us," extolled Angus Watson, Director of Automotive Business Development, Kimball Electronics.

"Congratulations to the Kimball Electronics-China team on another year of great work with BWI. The team in KECN has done a fantastic job of developing the relationship with this customer and delivering high quality cost effective assemblies to BWI. Keep up the great work," commented Mark Yaquinto, Business Manager for BWI, Kimball Electronics.

Since 2010, Kimball Electronics-China has produced multiple programs for BWI Shanghai Group resulting in significant growth and multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.

About BWI Group:

BWI Group is a full service supplier of chassis, suspension, and brake products with a legacy of producing brake and suspension components, modules, and systems for over 80 years.

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Pictured is Daniel Gu (left), General Manager Kimball Electronics – China, receiving the 2012 Excellent Supplier Award from Felix Fu (right), Deputy General Manager of BWI Shanghai Group.