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What does Kimball Electronics Group and the Bananas in Your Supermarket Have in Common?
May 07, 2013

Kimball Electronics customer, Emerson, recently launched an informational campaign highlighting their technology that controls shipping temperatures within ±0.5ºF so 37 Billion pounds of bananas can arrive fresh every year. In an advertisement, Emerson links the reader to the story of how Emerson refrigeration technology enhances food preservation around the world and the basics of shipping bananas from harvest to the store.

According to the Emerson story, thirty-seven billion pounds of bananas are shipped globally each year, making bananas the world's most popular produce. Bananas are consumed in every country on earth, but are grown in few by comparison, so they must travel thousands of miles before arriving in your local store.



emerson_temperature_controls_adWhat do Kimball Electronics and bananas have in common?

Kimball Electronics – Thailand manufactures the printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) as well as whole Control Boxes for Emerson's state-of-the-art technology that controls the temperature in the containers. In fact, Kimball Electronics has been working on programs for Emerson since 2011.

So, next time you are picking that perfect bunch of bananas in the supermarket, you can think about how Kimball Electronics did their part to help them get there, perfectly fresh!

Read more about how Emerson Technology enhances food preservation around the world:

Right: The Emerson Advertisement from the Wall Street Journal: It's Never Been Done Before