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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – It's Who We Are!
Jul 19, 2013

"It's simple: We do the right thing!" This opening line from Kimball Electronics President, Don Charron captures the long time values of Kimball Electronics surrounding Corporate Social Responsibility. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has been a part of Kimball International's culture since its inception in 1950. Each of the Kimball brands has taken an active role in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in their business, while Kimball International took the lead in publishing their efforts. Now, Kimball Electronics is on board with its very own Corporate Social Responsibility website!

The website features a letter from Don Charron describing Kimball Electronics' accomplishments and goals concerning Corporate Social Responsibility. The page also features sections covering sustainability, employee and workplace relations, diversity and inclusion, community and citizenship, and health and safety.

"Capturing Kimball Electronics employee's everyday commitment to social responsibility activities made it easy to share their journey and examples on our site. Through these photos and story lines our employee's commitment to our Company values are shown. A special thank you goes out to our employees, for 'living' these great moments. As we continue our pursuit of continuous improvement, we encourage all of our Kimball Electronics team to stay involved to make a difference in the world," stated Julie Dutchess, Director of Human Resources at Kimball Electronics.

The new CSR website tells the story of Kimball Electronics' efforts to improve the environment for our communities, customers and employees. As Don Charron stated, "We took CSR to heart, long before "CSR" became the buzz-phrase that it is now." In that respect, we will continue to improve our methods and metrics in order to create a better world while living out our vision and we are now happy to share the journey. Be sure to visit our new pages here: Corporate Social Responsibility