What We Offer (2)

Our business is guided by the Kimball International Vision & Guiding Principles and at Kimball, a world of Total Rewards awaits you.

c_howardWhy Kimball?"Kimball was the place to work, more money, had heard wonderful things about the company."

What do you like about Kimball?"The work ethic of everyone I work with, I work with a hard-working team. I enjoy what I do and I make the best of all situations."

Why stay with Kimball so long?"They empower you. There are numerous growth opportunities and anyone who wants to strive for those opportunities can."

"I am so thankful; Kimball has given me a solid career. In the 29 years I have worked her I have never been unemployed and they have helped me put 2 of my sons thru school. I owe Kimball so much."~ Chris Howard

red_checkmark"In the 28 years I have made Kimball my employer of choice, I have had numerous opportunities that otherwise may not have happened elsewhere. I have had the opportunity to work at multiple business units throughout my career and get to personally know the great people who help make Kimball successful. When you read our Guiding Principles statement "Our people are the company." We mean it."~ Sue Habig

red_checkmarkAt Kimball, the sky is the limit regarding possibilities for you to learn and grow. We do not have predefined career paths. You are the owner of your career path. "KEJ is a great place to work because people jump in and help each other out in order to solve problems. KEJ is different from other work environments because the culture promotes teamwork."~ Tom Watson

red_checkmark"I switched to Kimball Electronics after working for my previous employer for 6 years. I left my old job after I realized that the training and opportunities they used to entice me into their organization was not going to happen. I contacted Kimball and this place (Kimball) also informed me of chances to learn, improve, and advance in my career were to be had here. So far with just 9 months into my job here I have not been let down.

I enjoy the field I'm in and Kimball's has let me do what I love all the while not just offering, but acting upon more opportunities for me to learn not only my field of expertise but , also, has let me move into learning other avenues as well. I feel that if I apply myself and seek to improve Kimball as a company then this place is willing to help me improve myself."~ Kevin Bottoms

i_schroeder"I always had a great group of co-worker that work together to get the job done and being able to work in comfortable clean environments.

Having had the opportunity to learn new jobs as the company has grown and changed over the years.

I am appreciative of being able to work in my hometown area for a company that provides good pay and benefits."~ Inez Schroeder

red_checkmark"Kimball is a company that has offered me challenging positions that best suits my personal needs and helps me grow to the best of my abilities, which in turn makes me a contributor to Kimball as an industry leader."~ Donna Baker

red_checkmark"I really didn't have any plans to work for Kimball, I just needed a job after I graduated from high school and I was fortunate enough that I was hired by Kimball Electronics at the time, I still didn't plan on staying with Kimball I just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life but as the time went on I'm glad I was hired. Kimball has been good to me, helped me raise my 3 children, kept me close to my family, and I have received several job promotions, here I am sitting in Mexico another opportunity Kimball has gave me, now when I look back I am so thankful Kimball hired me, I couldn't imagine working anywhere else, I don't even want to work anywhere else. Kimball's GREAT."~ Christine Steinhart

red_checkmark"I chose Kimball Electronics because I heard they take care of their employees and it was a great place to work. After getting hired at Kimball Electronics and meeting people I was amazed by the number of people that have worked here for 30+ years. That says something great about a company.

I enjoy going to work because every day is a challenge and I know I will learn something new every day. And yes believe me I learn something new every day.

bev"I like the professional environment and attitude by everyone I come in contact with. Kimball understands the importance of family and gives me the flexibility to meet my family needs. Kimball gives me the tools I need to work hard and accomplish my goals to see my work done as efficiently and quickly as possible."~ Bev Merkel

I like the teamwork my teams have. They work together on a daily basis to support the production lines with materials. I like the way my boss listen to any problems I encounter gives me feedback and backs the decisions I make. I am glad I chose Kimball Electronics and I am glad they chose me. There they are if you need to make any changes or I need to make any changes just let me know."~ Greg Guy

red_checkmark"I have been here since August of 2012 and I really enjoy working for KEJ because the people I work for and with on a daily basis are good people and fun to be around. They are helpful and understanding and do ask for and seem to value my opinion and input. From my first day when I pass people in the hall or on the floor they smile and speak. This is something that I have rarely seen at previous employment. Friendships are a benefit that can't have a true value placed on them. I have made some very good friends here. I do feel like I'm a part of the family."~ Guy Sork

red_checkmark"The best things I find about working at Kimball are:

  1. The calm professional approach/style of business management that is applied in a challenging & dynamic environment.
  2. The opportunities to provide objective value to the business.
  3. The degree of empowerment that we are provided in the decision making process."~ Paul Grooms