What Makes Us Different (3)

Kimball Electronics Jasper seeks to provide a participative work environment in which employees have a deep understanding of work processes, and can offer valuable suggestions for improving our overall effectiveness. Employee engagement is an opportunity, not an obligation, so we voluntarily seek our employee's proactive role in the company's success.


What makes us different?

  • We share the organization's vision and goals, and acknowledge that achieving them is only possible with the dedication and skills of our employees.
  • We demonstrate confidence in employees' ability to make positive contributions beyond their day-to-day job duties.
  • We create very specific opportunities for worker involvement, but also make it clear that input is welcome at any time.
  • We provide training to help employees develop, present and carry out their ideas.
  • We coach managers to facilitate rather than instruct, and hold them accountable for encouraging and supporting improvement and innovation within their department.
  • We empower workers to implement small-scale changes on their own, and keep them apprised of the status of those requiring management approval.

We recognize employees not only for their achievements, but also their efforts.